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XPS and Glencore Canada EIT Program


“PEO (Professional Engineers of Ontario, Canada)  believes  participation  in  a structured internship program is a key step in preparing the next generation of engineers.” — M. Mastromatteo, Engineering Dimensions, Sept. / Oct. 2009. A key objective of all internship programs is to provide graduates with relevant, practical work experience – to link theory with practice.

The objective of the Glencore Canada EIT (Engineer in Training) program is to recruit, develop, and retain engineering talent as a viable means of supporting longer term succession planning across the metallurgical operations. The program is intended to give new hires broad exposure, mentorship and training at (primarily) various Glencore metallurgical sites.  Traditionally, in a two-to-three year time frame, the engineer is exposed to a diverse range of assignments in order to  provide  a  foundation  for  career  development  and value  to  the  organization.  Each  EIT’s program  is  unique.    Success  of  the  program  is  dependent  upon  the  operations  (and  technical, technology  development  centers)  providing  supervised  rotations  and  projects  at  operating concentrators, smelters, refineries and piloting or laboratory facilities.  


Recent  assignments  have  included  Operations  and  Technology  in:  Brisbane,  Perth  (Australia); New Brunswick, Quebec (Montreal), Northern Manitoba, and Northern Ontario (Timmins and Sudbury). Overall program completion and final placement has been high - averaging 88% over the last several years; with 45 final placements since the first entry in 1998.