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We provide metallurgical technology services and testwork for orebody characterisation, operational support, growth initiatives, and project development.


XPS Expert Process Solutions, a Glencore Company, located at the XPS Technology Centre in  Falconbridge (Ontario), Canada is a team of world-class metallurgists, engineers, geoscientists, technicians and technologists with real world experience in process development/optimisation, asset integrity management and mine/process automation.


XPS engages clients with focused, quality project plans that deliver sustainable value to the client’s project or operation. XPS’s strategy is to provide quality technical expertise for advanced exploration, mining projects and operational support. XPS employs industry best practices and advanced modeling and testing techniques to deliver practical and successful flowsheets, and processing solutions – adding value and reducing risk for our clients and partners.


XPS operates five main business groups:

Process Mineralogy

Mineral processing, mineralogy, sampling and applied statistics

Extractive Metallurgy

Metallurgy, Pyrometallurgical Modelling, Piloting and Test Work

Plant Support

In-Plant Support Services, Start-up and Commissioning

Process Control

Process Control Solutions

Materials Technology

Materials Selection and Equipment Failure Analysis and Prevention

We remain current with new technologies, developments in the industry and maintain a technical team with global experience. We deploy individuals and multi-disciplinary teams to client operations around the globe, and support XPS-based operations with embedded positions.