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Supplementing Your Knowledge Base



XPS training is geared to help plant operators and engineers enhance their technical skills and knowledge to help improve day-to-day operations leading to Operational Performance Excellence. Our core services include both off-the-shelf and custom course programs for clients seeking to supplement their own expertise or train new personnel in mineral processing, extractive metallurgy, materials technology, process control and plant optimisation, and general operations.


Our course programs use multiple delivery options to meet our clients’ unique needs, from on-site support to training material and presentations. Services include the development of operations-specific courses, creation of documentation and procedures and on-site workshops to develop site skills. Instructor-led classes provide hands-on, site-specific training that translates directly to operations improvements and best-practices implementation.


Our team of experts includes CIM Distinguished Lecturers (DL) and have many years of experience in their respective fields in mining, mineral & metallurgical processing plants from around the world. The team are also available to consult on a variety of subjects and issues depending on client needs. XPS also partners with other area 'Experts' and Suppliers - to best meet our clients' training requirements.


Courses and topics readily available to our clients include:

  • Visualizing PI System Data  
  • Bulk Solids Flow in Storage and Handling   
  • XPS Sampling School – A Sample Or A Specimen…What Is The Difference? What Are The Consequences?
  • Operation and Maintenance of Industrial Pumps
  • Introduction to Flotation (for non mineral processors)
  • Introduction to Plant Process Control – What is It? (XPS and Summa Control Solutions or Lakeside)
  • IMPC 2016 Process Control Short Course - Control of Mineral Processing Systems
  • Manual Control, Process Automation - or Operational Performance Excellence? What is the Difference?
  • Developments in Process Control - 90 min. lecture by P.Thwaites (CIM DL)
  • Introduction to OSIsoft's PI System - from a Plant Metallurgist's Perspective
  • Due Diligence
  • Materials Technology For The Minerals Industry, (as part of the Six Sigma Stage Gate Process & CIM DL)
  • Hydrometallurgy
  • Pyrometallurgy & Pyrometallurgical Modelling (e.g. FactSage, Stat-Ease, Comsol (Finite Element Modelling), Chemsheet, METSIM, Dynamic Simulation - Arena)
  • Mineral Processing Modelling, Material Balancing

Please contact us to discuss how we can help with your training needs – at your site or at XPS, Sudbury, Canada.


  • What our clients say...

    "It was a well taught, hands-on class and I was very happy that I signed up for it. The practical examples and tutorials were particularly useful.”
  • What our clients say...

    “The tutorials were very helpful in understanding and applying the theory”.
  • What our clients say...

    “Very appropriate – have been able to assess what can be done better at my plant.”
  • What our clients say...

    “The course material is quite relevant with practical use and clear delivery”.