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We focus on providing support for both the long-term strategic growth and shorter-term plant operational needs of companies requiring expertise in extractive metallurgy.


XPS Extractive Metallurgy is a team of skilled pyrometallurgists and hydrometallurgists based in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. We complement our skills with the knowledge of our XPS partners in the fields of process control, materials technology and process mineralogy.


The group is well equipped to address your metallurgical needs through on-site plant support, process modelling and hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical testwork on both a laboratory and pilot plant scale. Services are offered at a competitive price-to-quality ratio.


We can reduce risk and add value to your project or operation through:

  • On-site plant support for smelters and refineries, e.g. emission abatement strategies (SO2 etc.), raising throughput capacity, impurity tolerance levels and improving product/metal quality, refractory performance, metallurgical audits, benchmarking, and de-bottlenecking.
  • Laboratory and/or pilot scale testwork incorporating atmospheric or pressure leaching, fluid bed roasting or smelting, and associated unit operations, to recover base metals from sulphide or oxide ores.
  • Flowsheet and process design criteria development for new projects or plant expansions.
  • Process simulation/modelling for new or existing metallurgical plants, using Factsage®, Metsim®, ARENA®, COMSOL®Venture style analysis studies for business/custom feed opportunities.
  • Venture style analysis studies for business/custom feed opportunities.
  • Treatment of Refractory Gold Ores.  

Whether the service we provide is small bench scale testing, large scale pilot testing or venture style project analysis, we strive to utilize best available technology and proven procedures to add value to and reduce any risks associated with your project.


Mika Muinonen
General Manager
Process Metallurgy
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Tanai Marin
Extractive Metallurgy
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